Hello Botanic Friends

Van Son & Koot produces an INNOVATIVE RANGE of exclusive shrubs, perennials and conifers. The primary focus is on a COMPLETE RANGE of Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple) and Camellias. The range includes an extensive selection of varieties, in VARIOUS POT SIZES AND GROWTH FORMS. Not only that, but new INNOVATIONS are added every year. This way we have an appropriate, innovative range for every season. Something for everyone. We offer all this under the ‘BOTANIC FRIENDS’ label. The name says it all; we want to SHARE our passion for nature WITH OTHERS, our Botanic Friends, and in so doing, TOGETHER MAKE THE WORLD A GREENER PLACE.

The Botanic Friends product range is categorized into FAMILIES. Comparable to Matryoshkas; from small to big. Get an idea of the different families, e.g. Acer ‘Japanese Jewels’, Camellia ‘Flower Festival’ and Conifer ‘Green Elements’ on this page.